Pixel Bender

The Adobe® Pixel Bender™ technology delivers a common image and video processing infrastructure which provides automatic runtime optimization on heterogeneous hardware. The language is based on fragment shader languages, such as OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), used to optimize pixel drawing operations in 3D rendering.
The Pixel Bender Toolkit includes the Pixel Bender kernel language and graph language, the Pixel Bender Toolkit IDE (an integrated development environment for Pixel Bender), sample filters, and documentation.
Adobe has created a Pixel Bender Technology Center to centralize official documentation related to this technology.


¬ Pixel Bender Reference
¬ Pixel Bender Developer’s Guide

Adobe TV shows

¬ Pixel Bender custom filters (Lee Brimelow, ADC Presents)
¬ Pixel Bender filters (Paul Burnett, Flash Downunder)
¬ Pixel Bender unleashed (Ryan Taylor, MAX 2008)

Goto and learn web site video tutorials

¬ Introduction to Pixel Bender: Part 1 (basics of creating Pixel Bender filters)
¬ Introduction to Pixel Bender: Part 2 (exporting a Pixel Bender filter, loading it into Flash, and applying it to an image)
¬ Animating Pixel Bender filters (animating filter parameters using a tweening library)


¬ @pixelbender (Twitter)
¬ Pixel Bender forum (Adobe Forums)
¬ Pixel Bender user group (Adobe Groups)
¬ Pixel Bender Exchange
¬ Pixel Bender Cookbook

¬ Kevin Goldsmith’s blog
¬ Kevin Lee Brimelow’s blog
¬ Kevin Mike Chambers’ blog
¬ Kevin Tinic Uro’s blog
¬ Tom Beddard’s blog
¬ Petri Leskinen’s blog


¬ Pixel Bender Toolkit + Pixel Bender plug-in for Photoshop CS4
¬ PBDT – Pixel Bender Eclipse plugin, from Joa Ebert’s blog

Shaders creation – Adobe Technology Center tutorials

¬ Part 1: Creating a new filter
¬ Part 2: Creating a vintage tone filter
¬ Part 3: Adding parameters to filters
¬ Part 4: Sampling multiple pixels
¬ Part 5: Applying a filter to an image in Flash
¬ Part 6: Modifying Pixel Bender parameters in Flash
¬ Part 7: Improving the displacement filter
¬ Part 8: Controlling the displacement filter with mouse positioning
¬ Part 9: Integrating multiple image sources with a Pixel Bender kernel
¬ Part 10: Using a multiple-input filter as a blend shader

Shaders integration

¬ Working with Pixel Bender shaders – Actionscript 3.o Help online.

¬ Pixel Bender basics for Flash, by Charles Ward, on 15th October 2oo8
¬ Pixel Bender basics for Flex and AIR, by Charles Ward, on 2nd February 2oo9
¬ Using Pixel Bender with Flash Builder 4 beta as a number crunching engine, by Elad Elrom, on 14th September 2oo9.

Pixel Bender extension

¬ Using Pixel Bender to calculate information, by Elad Elrom, on 13th August 2oo9
¬ Using Pixel Bender to do heavy lifting calculations makes Flash Player multi-thread, by Elad Elrom, on 2nd September 2oo9

Others projects
¬ [haXe] Pixel Bender Assembler
¬ [AS3] pbjAS – An ActionScript 3.0 Pixel Bender Shader Library
¬ [C++] Pixel Bender .pbj files – C++ classes for Pixel Bender byte code assembling / disassembling


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