Blast radius, minimalist reflexion?


The site of the Blast Radius web agency interest me because of its simple but efficient presentation. Not spectacular effects but judicious motion and layout animation :

¬ Information based on iconic images
¬ Very simple, light and clear layout
¬ Enjoyable animated letter components
¬ Localized use of the alpha effect

Blast Radius is based in Vancouver and with offices in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam and London.

I discover this agency thanks to Paul Ortchanian, the creator of the reflexion minimalism web site. This laboraty is one of the most interesting by its richness and consistency with the André Michelle lab, Thibault Imbert’s ByteArray site, the Joa Ebert‘s open source projects (Popforge with A. Michelle, WiiFlash with T. Imbert, as3c ), the Polygonal site.

I miss certainly others labs. Sorry but I will try to centralize all actionscript interesting laboratory in a future page. Stay tuned!


I was recently surprised by the a recent Paul Ortchanian’s article concerning Flash technology and javascript, especially when he says : « It now costs more to develop digital-ad campaigns using flash, not to mention the amount of skilled resources and time necessary to pull off the simplest of sites. ».  Is it right? Is it the conclusion of a single actionscript developper? Is it the symbol of a more general trend?

Personaly I think it represents thefact that at the current time there is a very « agressive » technical and strategical competition on mobile phone, on RIA and RDA platforms, on browser features. It represents the end of the Adobe precursor status. On mobile market Microsoft Mobile is already established, Apple iPhone introduces widespreads multi-touch technology, Google Android enter in the competition with serious features, and Adobe try to impose Flash Lite. On the RIA and RDA markets, Sun JavaFX, Microsoft .net platform and Silverlight, html5, css3, javascript and Ajax libraries, AppCelerator Titanium are new technologies which are directly in competition with Adobe technologies (Flash, Flex and AIR). Without speaking about the 3D world competition on the web (Unity3D, 3dmlw, X3D, U3D, openSimulator, etc.)

I will detail these technologies as soon as possible.

I really recomment these sites.

PS: Keep reading Paul Ortchanian’s posts. The last one read this morning,

JavaScript can deliver flash-like web experience


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