Blitz agency


The Blitz agency from Los Angeles is more than a web agency. Two years ago I was attracted by the job offer for a web agency, but the description of this offer was “anormal” for a traditional web agency. Not anormal but precursor. It’s was one of the first job offer requiring so technical skills like OOP, design pattern, Multimedia Zinc, video (Adobe FMS, motion design), and so on. Still today I will be very enthusiastic to work for such a company.
Now this agency is well-known for its R&D approach. As actionscript developer, the Blitz agency is as reputated for its creations than its tools like FLASC (an interface based on a the famous MTASC AS2 compiler initiated by Nicolas Canasse and developed by Motion-Twin) , X-Ray(a tool to optimize Flash size animation).
To keep informed about Blitz actualities, go the Blitz lab. One of the most interesting laboratory for web and mobile creation. Remember that Blitz agency has also an partnership agreement with the actionscript guru Grant Skinner. « Excusez du peu! ».


I lightly recommend this agency.


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