Google Cadie


Definitively Google is an innovative and surprising company. This morning I discovered thanks the Pedro Clausio’s post, one of the last Google’s project which is called Caddie. First I was very skeptical about the homepage.


Issue from small research group working on topics in the areas of neural networking, natural language and autonomous problem-solving, the CADIE aims at being the first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE). Watch videos on YouTube

But Google use this technology for more concret day-to-day applications:

1. Relying on stereoscopy technology, the new Google Chrome 3D suggest to any body to visualize in 3D the content of your browser. Users just need to print and wear 3D glasses.

To realized that Google developed technology that converts any existing web page into anaglyph format in real time.



2. Google Brain Search (BETA) uses CADIE technology to index user’s brain to make user’s thoughts and memories searchable. I don’t know if it works but… Imagine what that represents. The Big Brother image that Google acquired by offering an online book library will be amplify. Google is watching us?


As convinced European, I must mention the European project equivalent to the Google Books Search : Europeana.

[Google Mobile]
¬ [US] Introducing Google Brain Search for mobile
¬ [FR] Présentation de la recherche cérébrale sur mobile.

3. Cadie repairs and can apparently do more… Be aware and follow Cadie’s actuality!

You can also see the Crash test video on L’atelier (BNP Paribas site) and the Google lab.


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