Move your mouse, 3D mouse

I’m attracted by 3D technologies, softwares and 3D animation.
I ‘m very interested by the Interaction Design paradigms. And by the new product design challenges.
That’s why I decided to:

¬ mix 3D navigation and product design with this article on 3D mouse,
¬ begin a multi-touch technology-centered blog.

3D connection products


3Dconnexion, a Logitech company, produces a sets of products for an optimized 3D navigation :

¬ Spacenavigator
¬ SpacePilot
¬ SpaceExplorer


The above images explain the hand cinematic to exploit the 3D environment. It’s seems that this kind of product offer a real confortable and easy way of navigating in 3D space. I would have been very enthusiast to try it. But things didn’t happen yet.

web_3dconnexion_3dnavigationdevice21 Pan Left/Right & Zoom
web_3dconnexion_3dnavigationdevice Pan Up/Down & Rotate
web_3dconnexion_3dnavigationdevice_tilt Tilt

You can also understand deeper the 3Dconnexion approach by reading its 3D Motion Controller explanation.

But the main force of these product is the unbelievable list of compatibility with 3D softwares



The French Lexip company produces a 3D mouse into a set of two models. Even if the mouse seems to be more traditional in format, the way to explore 3D environment is more complex. And you can switch from 2D to 3D easily.



Source : Lexip Gecko User Guide

Others products

I have to complete with :

¬ Sandio 3D Game O2
¬ Astroid

You can go deeper by reading:
¬ Neil Fraser’s article : 3D Mouse
¬ 6DoF : wikipedia definition
¬ Degrees of freedom (mechanics) : wikipedia definition
¬ Virtual Realities site

I mousely recommend these products’s exploration.

PS: Let me know if you know other similar products.


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