Gostai robot touriste!


In a previous post I introduced you the Gostai Urbi technology through is visual programming tool, Gostai urbiLive from the Gostai Urbi Studio. Moreover you may find complementary information I’ve already centralized about the firm and the technology on this blog.

I recently received a mail from Gostai. The experience this company offers is simply funny and cool. Here is the mail, you will find enclosed all needed information. Nothing to say more, except that just try it! So cool!


Dear All,

It’s our pleasure to invite you to try our latest remote presence
application based on Urbi, which is taking place in Paris during 10
days, starting today until the 7th of June.

The idea is simple: you can visit in real time, right now, the “Cité des
Sciences” museum in Paris, through the eye of a robot and with a simple
web browser at this address:


It’s in French, but the interface is rather straightforward: just use
the controls or click on the map to move the robot, and click on the
yellow squares on the image to display information about the objects
you’ll see in the museum. There is a waiting queue if you are not the
first in line, so be patient and you’ll soon be moving freely in this
famous Paris museum in real time!

This is part of a bigger event organized in Paris at the moment, called
“Futur en Seine”, which is meant to be a modern type of “1900 Universal
Exhibit”, where science and technology are put in a social and cultural
context to imagine the city of the future:

Let us know about your feedback!

Best Regards,
The Gostai Team



I robotly recommend Gostai technology.

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