Please, let me breath !

I must acknowledge that I’ve not the capacity to stay in phase with the actuality at this time because of the quantity of announces which happened the last few days. That’s why in this post, I will just summary the most important events I wanted to speak about… before developing more each of these events… perhaps.

Adobe news

¬ Update of and
¬ LiveCycle ES2 (Enterprise Solutions 2)
¬ Flex 4 (now in beta 2 )
¬ Flash Builder (now in Beta 2)
¬ Flash Catalyst (now in beta 2)
¬ news libraries and frameworks in actionscript I’ve found…

Microsoft news

¬ Microsoft Surface Platform
¬ Microsoft .Net Framework 4.o and Microsoft Visual Studio 2o1o in Beta 2
¬ Microsoft MultiPoint SDK 1.1
¬ Microsoft Web Platform
¬ Microsoft Pivot
¬ Microsoft Seadragon
¬ Microsoft PhotoSynth
¬ Microsoft Natal

Google news

¬ Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS (browser and future OS)
¬ Google Closure (new javascript framework)
¬ Google Go (new language)
¬ Googel SPDY (new protocol)
¬ Google Android SDK new version

Mobile phone technology

¬ RIM JDE Eclipse plugin (BlackBerry) and others beta softwares
¬ Bada, new Samsung framework
¬ Nokia Qt and the new cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) Qt Creator, Symbian, and more


¬ Opera and Opera Unite, because I use it and I discover it slowly but with pleasure
¬ Now free SDK for 3D on the web (Unity, Crytek MyCryENGINE, Unreal Development Kit)


¬ Humanoids’09 in Paris

And also about FLAR Marker Generator, Z-Brush that I slowly learn, the Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Preview and others new Autodesk projects … and about interaction design, haptic revolution…

Just about that…


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