Blender, Vue, Z-Brush and more!

A post just to share with you information about new releases and new products I find interesting to be aware.

Blender 2.5 alpha is out

The main information is that the 3D graphics application Blender is out in version 2.5 alpha release. This last coming and strongly expected version of Blender comes with important new features and optimization. Moreover the user interface has been drastically modified in order to be more intuitive.

Stay tuned! I will post soon in a coming article the new features of Blender 2.5 and I will describe the continuous integrated movie project called ‘Durian‘.

e-on Vue version 8 is out

The new version of the e-on 3D natural environment generator software Vue 8 is out.

Stay tuned! I will introduce you more in details e-on Vue software in a coming post. And about Terragen and Terragen 2.

Z-Brush 3.5

Z-Brush is a digital sculpting and painting program. On 24th november 2oo9, the editor, Pixologic, has released the version 3.5. Besides the nature of this software (or like Autodesk Mudbox) where user may literaly scult pixel in 2D and 3D, Pixologic software is very interesting by its user interface. I begin to learn it by watching tutorial videos and I find this software very intriging and original.

JetBrains new releases

IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains announced a free version for IntelliJ IDEA. Java developer communauty should only be enthusiast to this news! The choice for a free Java IDE is growing: Eclipse, NetBeans and now IntelliJ IDEA. But don’t hesitate to have a look at this new major update’s new features.

MPS – Metadata Programing System

JetBrains is very active now. The firm announced recently the last release of its MPS software. Concret result of an internal project initiated in 2oo4, MPS comes with a new paradigm for software and application development : LOP (Language Oriented Programing).

Stay tuned! I will try to make understandable what for is build this software and to explain what LOP is. By the way, don’t hesitate to explore others JetBrains products like RubyMine (Ruby on Rails IDE), ReShaper and dotTrace (Microsoft Visual Studio plugins for .NET development).

Gostai Urbi open source…soon !

The french firm announced during the Humanoids’o9 exhibition in Paris that its technology Urbi 2.o is going Open Source with a GPL compatible license in march 2o1o. Great news!


It seems that the part of the LEGO web site dedicated to its robot has evoluated with the version 2.o of MINSTORMS NXT. It’s a new subject for a post, isn’t it? Since I’ve bought the robot for 2 monthes now, I’ve prepared a post to understand how to program files for the NXT brain!

I recommend to enjoy! Simply to enjoy because Christmas is coming soon!

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