Adobe Flash platform and more…

What about the flash platform?

Even if the beta version for Flash CS5 has been cancelled in order to supply directly the final version, Adobe presented yesterday the last beta version of the Flash Player (1o.1.2). Don’t forget that the Flash CS5 was one of the most important announce made during the MAX 2oo9 because of the Packager for iPhone included in it allowing Flash designers and developers to create iPhone applications.
But anyway, some interesting projects are already emerging.


Today morning Thibault Imbert posted on the blog a link to the Lame AIR application. Moreover he brought our attention into the power of the new possibility that offers the native process interaction feature in AIR 2.o.

Voice Gesture

Yesterday Hebiflux posted on his blog a link to… ByteArray! about the coming project of voice recognition call ‘Voice Gesture‘ and developed by Didier Brun. This application take advantage of the new Microphone access feature of FlashPlayer 1o.1. You may watch the demo on Vimeo. Fantastic!

Multi-touch simulator and TUIO/OSC libraries

During the Adobe MAX 2oo9, SimTouch – a new multi-touch flash application simulator – was presented. This show is accessible on YouTube. And then install the SimTouch AIR application… You may complete your adventure in the surface computing world with actionscript by having a look on the tuio-as3-lib library, an AS3 library with a TUIO client for agile flash/actionscript development of TUIO enabled applications (basically related to reacTIVision). This project uses the OSC AS3 library and the Flosc server as a gateway to connect UDP/OSC/TUIO applications to TCP/IP/XML flash applications. And then fly to the GestureWorks, a flash framework for creating multitouch applications on the HP TouchSmart, Dell Studio One, and optical platforms.

Perhaps you need to be introduced to these technologies and concepts about surface computing. So you may read the ‘Flash for surface computing‘ article written by Manvesh Vyas on Adobe Developer Connection site (13 November 2008). And if you need more information about Air 2.o and Flash Player 10.1 new features, read my previous post about this subject.

If you are concerned by actionscript and surface computing, stay tuned on my page dedicated to this subject! And more generally on the  part of this blog about surface computing in general. Here is the next narrow future with augmented reality!

I strongly recommend to keep following these projects!


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