Adobe Flash Platform and more!

What about the Flash platform?

Squiggly Beta 2 release

On 22nd december 2oo9, Adobe has released the second beta of the its actionscript spell checking library Squiggly. The spell checking engine of Squiggly is written in ActionScript 3.0 and does not have a specific dependency on Flash CS4 Professional, Flex or any other framework. The UI class for Squiggly requires the Flex SDK v3.0 and above, but it is possible for developers to write their own UI controls without a dependency on the Flex SDK.
This update includes support for the Flex 4 Spark components that are based on the Adobe Text Layout Framework (TLF).
I you want to explore in a more detailed manner this library :

¬ Try the demo
¬ Download the library and ASDoc
¬ Read release notes
¬ Contribute to the forum

Flash Media Server 3.5.3 release

You may update your version of your Flash Media Server. Indeed, on 18th december 2oo9, Adobe release the 3.5.3 version. Do you know that you can install complementary tools to your server?

Haptic revolution is going on

HP TouchSmart

On 16th november 2oo9, HP announced the HP TouchSmart software development programs that allow software developers to create consumer and commercial applications for HP TouchSmart PCs and touch-enabled digital signage displays.
With the TouchSmart 3.0 SDK for Windows 7, developers have a complete set of code samples, documentation and APIs which makes integrating their applications into the TouchSmart ecosystem.
Touchsmart TUIO is a free, open-source TUIO bridge application for Nextwindow API-compatible touchscreens such as the ones being used on HP Touchsmart PCs. Even though it runs on Windows XP/Vista, it is based on code from Touché, a free, open-source multitouch tracking environment for optical multitouch table under MacOS X.

And finally you may download the HP TouchSmart Software Developer Guidelines 1.5. This document lists the key behaviors and design features intended to help developers create software for touch interaction under HP TouchSmart.

Let’s touch coding pleasure! And I wish you a Merry Christmas!


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