Adobe Flash Platform, Autodesk Cooper and more!

Adobe Flash Platform updates

XMP Library for ActionScript

Adobe has released today the 2nd preversion of its XMP Library for ActionScript. Adobe developed XMP to establish an industry-wide standard for sharing metadata across applications, file formats, and devices. This library is the ActionScript 3 version of the XMPCore library to be used with Flash and Flex. It is used to read,
modify and create XMP packets in the RDF/XML format. It is written entirely in ActionScript 3 and and has no other
dependencies. XMP is open source and it is freely available to developers and system integrators.
I recommend you to download the library. The download package consists of the XMP Library for ActionScript, the XMP source files for ActionScript and the API Reference for the XMP Library for Action Script.
And before coding, read the Adobe® XMP Library for ActionScript® – Introduction and API Reference.
If you need to have a better understanding of what XMP is, go the Adobe XMP Developer Center.

Flash Player 1o.1 enhancements

2 new devices are targetted by the Flash Player 10.1 :

¬ Palm Pre
¬ Motorola Droid


FlexUnit is a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript 3.0 applications and libraries. Adobe released the FlexUnit 4 RC 1.0 on 14th december 2oo9.

DevelopmentArcTM Core library

By reading an article about WorkflowLab (Developing WorkflowLab: An inside look at the Adobe Flash Catalyst and Flex 4 development process, by James Polanco and Aaron Pedersen, on Flex Developer Center, on 4th October 2oo9), I discover the DevelopmentArcTM Core library. AS it said on tthe subtitle of the porject on the Google Code page, “DevelopmentArc Core strives to provide solutions for common problems faced by the community when developing Flash Platform (Flash, AIR, Flex) based applications”. Very interesting ! As soon as I have more time, I will try to test this library. But what I’ve already read about Service Request Delegation, Command Action / Delegation and Local Connection Manager is very promising!

Autodesk Cooper

Today Autodesk announced that the Cooper project is now availbale worldwild. Great news. But what is Cooper? Autodesk Cooper is a 2D drawing and sketching application for creating drawings, layouts, and plans that may be shared. Built by the makers of AutoCAD, Autodesk Cooper is compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit.

Don’t forget to have a look on other Autodesk projects :

Project Bluestreak Coordinate, analyze, and review designs with project group members
Project Dragonfly Create floor plans using just your browser
Project Draw Create diagrams using just your browser
Project Freewheel View and collaborate using your designs and just your browser
Project Showroom Accessorize a kitchen with real products and see photorealistic results

Apache Click

Apache Click is a J2EE web application framework, providing a rich client style programming model.

Read :
¬ The Freddy Daoud’s book.
This book starts with the basics and moves on to creating a sample application. Book describes developing Web applications with Java and Apache Velocity templates, creating reusable controls, using them to assemble pages, and giving application a consistent look with reusable layouts. It’s a good opporunity to learn how to integrate popular third-party frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, and Java Persistence API (JPA).
¬ The Apache Click User Guide – V 2.1.0-RC1

And this blog updates

As you may notice, I have begun to add new pages about OSGi, Surface computing technologies, editing and reading technologies because I think that these technologies will have an tremendous importance and influence during the coming year.

Stay tuned!


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