Adobe Flash Platform, Aviary Myna and more!

Adobe Flash Platform news

2 new Adobe Technology Centers

Adobe has created 2 new centers on Adobe Developer Connection web site :

Adobe Flash Platform Game Technology Center

Even if this center is not very rich in term of content for the moment, I think it’s very important to keep on spying on this. With the coming Flash CS5 and the possibility to develop application for iPhone, this center will have certainly a great role to play towards the community. So stay tuned!

Pixel Bender Technology Center

That’s a real great news because I convinced that Pixel Bender will add a lot of improvements to the Flash Player capabilities and allow merging more video functionnalities on the web. The fact that this language is a common language for image processing effects for Flash, Premiere and After Effects is really promising. Let’s see.
I have integrated all interesting links to discover, learn and explore this technology on the Pixel Bender page of my blog of course.

Adobe Cairngorm actionscript library

Adobe has release the last version of Cairngorm ( version 3.0.2).
What is interesting with this new orientation is the diversity of the sub-projects…

Observer Library The Cairngorm Observer library provides a set of non-visual components for declaration in MXML that observe other objects and react to changes in some way and execute view behaviour. These components help to reduce the amount of Script-block logic required in MXML components
Popup Library The Cairngorm Popup library contains components for managing the opening, closure and general behavior of popups. They are designed to minimize Script-block logic in MXML components and to reduce code duplication across applications that manage multiple popups
Task Library The Cairngorm Task library provides an abstraction for performing tasks in sequence and parallel. It might be used for coordinating the start-up sequence of an application or for managing a series of asynchronous processes that need to be performed in a certain order.
Validation Library The Cairngorm Validation library is designed to simplify validation of user input and other data.
Integration Library beta The integration library provides utilities to loosely-couple concerns of the communication with external environments with other client side architectural layers.
Module Library beta The Cairngorm Module library is an extension to the Parsley Application Framework designed to simplify the configuration, loading and displaying of modular content.
Navigation Library beta The Cairngorm Navigation library provides utilities to ease the creation of point-to-point, hierarchical and deferred navigations, global and local history tracking, wizards, and enter and exit interceptions.

and the integration with the Parsley Application Framework.

Just for your personal culture, the name Cairngorm come from a Scottish mountain from where Steven Webster is native from this country, the father of the framework, when he worked at iteration::two before being bought by Macromedia. You can read the Steven Webster series on the Flex Developer Center to have a better understanding of the current Cairngorm architecture. Think J2EE design patterns!

Adobe WorkflowLab

On the 11th january 2o1o, Adobe announced the beta version (v. o.9) of its application WorkflowLab. WorkflowLab is a Adobe® AIR® application that provides an way to learn about, track and share workflow best practices. It provides designers, developers and project managers with a common way to learn, build, annotate, share and track workflows for designing and developing projects. Install the application and try it. It takes just few minutes before enjoying!
Stay tuned I will post an article about Adobe WorkflowLab very soon and I will try to share with you the workflow I’ve imaginated about an iPhone 3D game creation.

Aviary Myna audio tool

I haven’t yet spoken about the last tool developed by the New Yorker start-up I like so much, Aviary. After acquiring Digimix – a small company based in Atlanta that made a web-based audio editor, Aviary has incorporated this technology into its own audio editor, brand named Myna. I haven’t play with Myna yet but the video demo is quite encouraging! I’m curious to compare this tool with Adobe Soundbooth for example!

But don’t forget to play with Phoenix, the image editor, Peacok, the effect editor, Raven, the vector editor, Falcon, the image markup and Toucan, the swatch editor. Keep on working hard guys! It’s worthwhile! I’m very impatient to discover the 3D rendering engine

And more….

Last days, I’ve bought and downloaded several short animation movies from the toondra web site. And what is very interesting at the end of the generic is the list of the softwares that was used to realize the movie. And by this mean I discovered Samplitude, another audio tool. And the last one, I haven’t downloaded yet neither installed and tested is AnimatorHD. Do you know them? Do you use them?

I simply recommend animation.

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