Adobe Flash Platform, NUI Group, Autodesk Butterfly and more!

Adobe Flash Platform

Flash Player 1o.1 Beta 3

On 24th february 2o1o, Adobe announced the 3rd released of the Flash Player 1o.1 which is considered as the 1st Flash Player of the Adobe Flash Platform. The release notes are very interesting, especially if you are interested by video, mobile phone and security.
Indeed by reading this document, and especially the paragraph ‘AMD/ATI‘, I enter in a confusing hardware world… I quote : ‘Hardware video decoding of H.264 content in Flash Player 10.1 is supported on AMD/ATI products with UVD2 with the ATI Catalyst™ Software Suite, starting with version 9.11 for the ATI Radeon™ family of products, and driver release 8.68 for the ATI FirePro™ family of products.‘. So my first reaction was to look at ATI Catalyst™ Software Suite. But this domain is at the moment too complex and too far away from my skills that I let you investigate by yourself. For the moment…

Nevertheless download Flash Player 1o.1 and try it !
Don’t hesitate to read the article about ‘Flash Player 10.1 hardware acceleration for video and graphics‘, by Chris Nuuja & Tom Nguyen (on 17th November 2oo9).

Adobe Wave, Adobe Media Player and …

Today I’ve updated my Adobe Wave AIR application. I must admit that I don’t use it very much, not because I dislike this application, but because I’m suffocating. Too much news, rss, mail, alerts, notes, etc…
Nevertheless, I think the Wave application is worthwhile.
The concept is very simple. The application interface is similar to the Kuler widget interface. Sober and useful.

To stay informed I use also Snackr and – of course – the Adobe Media Player for Adobe products video tutorials and MAX conferences. The Parleys AIR application is worthwhile too for Java developers. The same spirit than Adobe Media Player.

Adobe Media Player

NUI Group

Following every day the statistics of my blog, I have the feeling the need of information about surface computing is growing. That why I decided to include the NUI Group recent news in this post.

The NUI Group defines by itself as ‘an open source interactive media community researching and creating machine sensing techniques to benefit artistic, commercial and educational applications‘.
All of these is sustained by the NUI Foundation.
Among the NUI Group projects :

CCV Installer

The NUI Group announced on its web site the release of the CCV Installer. Community Core Vision – CCV for short – is a open source and cross-platform solution for computer vision and machine sensing. The relases notes is simply encouraging! Download CCV and evaluate it now!


PyMT is an open source library for developing multi-touch applications. It is completely cross platform (Linux/OSX/Win).
Main features are :
– native support for many multi-touch input devices,
– library of multi-touch aware widgets,
– hardware accelerated OpenGL drawing,


uniTUIO project is a bridge between the 3D software Unity3D and TUIO protocol. The team is lead by Ben Britten & Sandor Rozsa. The objective of the team is ‘to have a set of scripts to allow you to easily implement TUIO into any Unity3d application‘.


TouchLib is a library for creating multi-touch interaction surfaces. Touchlib now can broadcast events in the TUIO protocol (which uses OSC). OpenCV is also recommended. Let’s touch!

Autodesk Butterfly

Is that a CAD revolution? By the way with the Autodesk Butterfly project, Autodesk’s goal is to offer the possibility to create, visualize and share CAD document through the web.
What are you waiting for? Just test it!
This kind of application is questioning me. Do we have to spend so much time, energy and stress in transport to go to work? What about the necessity to centralize people in the same local… Is cloud computing more than a simple new way of hosting application? The next revolution in the social day-to-day working life? I think so.

And more!

SURF – Speeded Up Robust Features

What is SURF and why does I mention it now? SURF is an image descriptor that can be used in computer vision tasks like object recognition or 3D reconstruction. Eugene Zatepyakin – under its Google Code in-spirit project – added a new open source project – ASSURF, which is simply an implementation of SURF technology in actionscript. Simply fascinating!

OSEK – Offene Systeme und deren Schnittstellen für die Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug

The last days I made a lot search about LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and more especially leJOS NXJ, a firmware replacement for Lego Mindstorms programmable bricks. I will post the result of my work soon. Nevertheless this leJOS NXJ project is very interesting. And I found fascinating projects, technologies I would like to share with you. OSEK is is a standards body that has produced specifications for an embedded operating system, a communications stack, and a network management protocol for automotive embedded systems. nxtOSEK is ‘an open source platform for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. nxtOSEK consists of device driver of leJOS NXJ C/Assembly source code, TOPPERS/ATK (Automotive Kernel, formerly known as TOPPERS/OSEK) and TOPPERS/JSP Real-Time Operating System source code that includes ARM7 (ATMEL AT91SAM7S256) specific porting part, and glue code to make them work together.‘ More I explore the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT open source community, more I’m surprised to discover so huge project using very high-level concept and technologies. It’s so fantastic!

JetBrains MPS – Meta Programming System

In a previous post, I evoked JetBrains MPS software. JetBrains defines MPS as ‘a brand new concept of software development environment implementing the Language Oriented Programming paradigm‘. If you want to understand a concret project, lets see mpscmindstorms, an implementation of C in Jetbrains MPS to generate C code that runs on nxtOsek.

I recommend curiosity!