LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.o – Part I : Understand

Why LEGO ?

I love LEGO bricks! I have so wonderful memories about my childhood thanks to these bricks.
Moreover I think it’s really a wonderful toy. According to the Paperblog post – ‘Pourquoi Lego passionne autant‘ (Why Lego please so much?), by Greg Leroch, on 3rd december 2oo9 – ‘Lego ne vend pas des briques de plastique mais la possibilité d’inventer, de créer, de stimuler son imagination, pour raconter quelque chose qui dans sa forme la plus aboutie est appelé une histoire‘ (Lego doesn’t sell only plastic bricks but the possibility to invent, to create, to stimulate his own imagination, to tell something which is called – in its most accomplished form – a story. For these two reasons I decided to buy regularly bricks to my first daughter (she’s 3 years old)…

… and – for me – I bought the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robot, version 2.o.


This robot is so fantastic because it’s more than one robot… it has an infinity of possibilities! Indeed thanks to the Lego concept of bricks you may create an tremendous quantity of very different machins, animals, vehicles and even humanoïds. The pleasure of creativity linked with the pleasure to develop program is the reason why I decided to invest in the LEGO MINDSTORMS 2.o. For interaction design reason I was also interested by the visual programing language (brand named NXT-G). This approach allows an easier way of programing. Obviously as soon as I bought the LEGO robot (for Christmas of course!) I began by building pre-defined models, I installed the LEGO software and created my first programs. I had so much pleasure to do that, that I decided to share with you this fantastic time I spend and give you the desire to discover robotics thanks to LEGO MINSTORMS NXT 2.o.
At least, I discovered what robotics is. And robotics will be without doubt the next revolution. Gostai technology (Urbi SDK) and its related cloud solution – (GostaiNet) – represent this coming integration of robot in the day-to-day life: ‘Robotics for everyone‘!

So I will publish a series of several posts to present you in detailed manner what the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is made of, what you can make it to do, how you can to make it to communicate (by itself, or with others LEGO MINDSTORMS robots), how you can extend its capacities and more… Stay tuned!

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.o dkor series

¬ Part I : Understand
¬ Part II : Build
¬ Part III : Animate
¬ Part IV : Communicate
¬ Part V : Master
¬ Part V : Sublimate

What about ?

LEGO MINDSTORMS is a toy, a robot and more than only that.
A toy because you can have fun very quickly with children and friends (adult or not).
A robot because you need to understand some robotics paradigms in order to take advantage of the LEGO MINDSTORMS robot. Welcome in the electronic and robotics world!
More than only that because you will realize than you have no limit for your creativity thanks to the bricks capacities for infinite extension, thanks to the growing numbers of sensors, thanks to the open source projects based on the LEGO NXT Intelligent Brick potentialities, thanks to passionate people who love challenges…

More than only that… Yes, really. Just have a look at the ‘About‘ panel of the LEGO software. NI LabView is the core technology used to program the LEGO robot. Not bad!

And look at the number of copyrighted patents… Amazing, isn’t it? for a toy…

So I just recommend LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.o ! Stay tuned, I will try to share with you the richness of the LEGO robot.

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