Adobe Flash Platform, Dassault 3DVIA Studio and more!


The actuality about the Adobe Flash Platform is coming very interesting! The Adobe Creative Suite 5 launch will be broadcasted on 12 april 2o1o. The Flash Player 10.1 is now a release candidate version, that means that the player will be available in its stable version very soon. Adobe has already shipped the Flex SDK 4, the Flash Builder and the ColdFusion Builder as products.
At the same date Microsoft will reveal the new Silverlight 4 at the DevConnections/ASP.NET and Silverlight Conference in Las Vegas, NV in parallel with the launch of the Visual Studio 2o1o.
In the filed of 3D for the web, Dassault System made public its 3DVIA Studio in beta version. VERTICE did the same wiht its NOVA Studio 2o1o. And Autodesk is announcing the new edition of its Entertainment Creation 2o11 edition…
And that’s only for the major editors, and only what I succeed to catch… Let’s start with the Adobe Flash Platform :

Adobe Flash Platform

Adobe Creative CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5 is quite ready. Go to the Adobe CS5 launch count down web site if you want to be informed about the new features revelation of the CS5. You may visite this unofficial web site about CS5.

Register to the Adobe Creative Suite 5 count down web site !

Register to the Adobe CS5 event !

Adobe Labs Ideas

Go to the Adobe Labs Ideas web site !

Adobe keep on improving interaction with its community. Adobe opened the last days a new section on the Adobe Labs web site : Adobe Labs Ideas. Dedicated to AIR, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, Flex SDK and … WorkflowLab. Yes the WorkflowLab AIR application. Interesting to see that this application is included in this project.
This Adobe Labs Ideas aims at engaging the community to suggest ideas to make evolve the Adobe applications and technologies in the right way. As user, you may visualize ideas, promote/demote them and comment them.

Go to the Adobe Lasbs Ideas web site !

And of course you may submit your own ideas.

Go to the Adobe Labs Ideas web site !

Adobe Flex 4 SDK

Go to the Adobe Flex product page !

On 22nd march 2o1o, Adobe announced the availability of the new Adobe Flex SDK (version 4). Even if it is a non event, because communication and stable build was already available, this announcement corresponds to one of the most important brick for the coming and consolidated Adobe Flash Platform. For a complete overview of the Actionscript 3 API for the platform, you may have a look on the API online. And of course keep on watch Adobe tutorials on Adobe TV.

And stay tuned on the Adobe Flex SDK page of this blog !

Adobe Flash Builder 4

Go to the Adobe Flash Builder product page !

The same day, Adobe announced the availability of Flash Builder 4, formerly Flex Builder. This software is designed to help software developers develop cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs) and content using the open source Flex framework. If you want a first overview of Flash Builder 4, read this official article by Adobe :

Adobe Developer Center articles
¬ What’s new in Flash Builder 4, by Andrew Shorten, on 1st june 2oo9.

Otherwise have regurlarly a look on the Flash Builder page of this blog !

Adobe Coldfusion Builder

The last announcement of the 22nd march is ColdFusion Builder, an Eclipse-based IDE for ColdFusion developers. Adobe has really investigated the Eclipse technology. That’s a good orientation because Eclipse is one of the most used IDE by Java developers. This approach has facilitated

At the same time, you may participate to the future of ColdFusion Builder by answering this survey. The codename of the next version of the plugin is Strom (after Bold for the first version of the Eclipse plugin).

Dassault 3DVIA Studio Beta

Go to the DASSAULT 3DVIA Studio web page !

The 3DVIA Studio developed by Dassault is available in its beta public version. Don’t hesitate to download it and test it. This studio confirm the growing implementation of visual programing in 3D software. And the importance of game as business market on the web. Indeed by default Dassault define its studio as a 3D game engine studio…
But before using the studio, you will have to install the 3DVIA Player, the Dassaut System free browser plugin, equivalent to silverlight or flash player or unity web player or any new web player (the list is coming very tremendous!).

DASSAULT 3DVIA Player : About

At last, to help you discovering the 3DVIA Studio, I recommend to watch 3 existing video tutorials series :

¬ Getting Started
¬ Handling Input Devices
¬ Everything You Want to Know About XML

Dassault System has done an showcase of its technologies during the Laval Virtual 2o1o exhibition. I really advise you to go through the official web site of this event. You will have a good understanding of what are the main trends in the field of virtual reality.

EVENT :: Laval Virtual 2o1o

And more !

YUI 3.1 update

Yahoo ! User Interface javascript library

YUI is a library of JavaScript utilities and controls developed by Yahoo! for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM Scripting, DHTML, and Ajax. It is available under a BSD license and is free for all uses. For more information :

¬ Announcing YUI 3.1.0, by YUI Team, on 31st march 2o1o.
¬ YUI 3.1 SWF Utilities, by Kevin Suttle, InsideRIA, on 2nd april 2o1o.

¬ YUI Blog
¬ YUI 3 Forum
¬ YUI Library

Rhonda new version

Rhonda Forever project

I don’t know if you remember but I introduced you the amazing and so cool Rhonda application in a previous post. The team has updated a new version. Just try it.

PyroGine Game Engine o.2.o

Download PyroGin Game Engine !

PyroGine™Game Engine an advanced 2D game engine for PC’s running Microsoft Windows® and uses Direct3D® for hardware accelerated rendering.

I really recommend 3D on the web !