Adobe Creative Suite 5 is out !

Adobe CS5 is out !
Fantastic news. I won’t detail content in the 4 available Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Creative Suite 5 Design Premium, Creative Suite 5 Web Premium, Creative Suite 5 Production Premium and Master Collection) because a lot of specialists have already detailed new features for each application included in the Creative Suite.
Nevertheless I would like to bring into relief the specificities of the announcement of the CS5 I find interesting.

Go to the ADOBE Creative Suite family products page !


Adobe has a very interesting strategy concerning the animation of its communities. In a previous post I mentioned the launch of the Adobe Labs Ideas web site. I could have spoken about the Adobe Community Help search engine and the AIR Community Help application which improve the easiness of pertinent information retrieval (tutorials, online help, technical notes, etc.). With the launch of the CS5, Adobe has gone a step further by integrating the dynamism of social networking activity.

Buzz Hub

Go to the ADOBE CS5 Buzz Hub web site !

The Adobe Creative Suite Buzz Hub is an innovative and quite original way of incorporating ‘buzz’ – it means catching any notifications coming from social web sites like Twitter or Facebook – in its communication strategy. Even if this principle has already been implemented in the XML news aggregator web site, the current implementation is surprising by the quantity of notifications that the user may see in only one minute. It makes things more real !

Official web pages design

Even if you don’t like the news page for the products of the CS family, you must admit that the main page for each products has personality. As far I’m concerned, I really love the designers’ work ! See by yourself, but the 2 below screenshots may give you a better first impression. Positiv I hope!

Go to the ADOBE Photoshop product page !

Go to the ADOBE Illustrator product page !

Adobe Photoshop 20th anniversary

ADOBE Photoshop 20th Anniversary official web site !

I take advantage of the launch of the CS5 to mention the existence of the Adobe Photoshop 20th Anniversary web site. Nothing special about that, except the timeline in which all main features for each launch of the Photoshop products family. Very interesting for Photoshop lovers !
I like the ambiance in blue and black. Don’t you?


Adobe distribute generally different set of softwares which build the Creative Suite depending of the specificities user is looking for :

¬ Design Premium for Editing
¬ Web Premium for Web design
¬ Production Premium for Audio and Video
¬ Master Collection for a complete set of multimedia applications

But the difference with previous Creative Suite is that Adobe have completed its offer with complementary online services branded as CS Live.

CS Live

Discover ADOBE CSLive !

CS Live is a set of online services that harness the connectivity of the web and integrate with Adobe Creative Suite® 5 software. CS Live includes :

¬ Adobe BrowserLab
¬ Adobe CS Review
¬ Adobe Story
¬ SiteCatalyst® NetAverages™

The importance of added value services is the main factor of differenciation between open source technologies and proprietary technologies

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 and FXG as a bridge between designer and developer

Go to the ADOBE Flash Catalyst CS5 product web page !

Finally one of the most important fact of this CS5 launch is the integration of a new software and the use of a new file format dedicated to facilitate workflow process from one application to another one.
Adobe Flash Catalyst aims at being a bridge between softwares used by designer (like Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, Fireworks or Illustrator) and Flash Builder or Flash Professional, tool dedicated to people in charge of developing interaction.
With FXG, document may be created in one application, modified in another and exchanged between these both applications until the project is done. Each specialist (designer v. developer) may work in parallel.

I really recommend Adobe CS5 !