Adobe Flash Platform, Sparx Enterprise Architect and more !

Adobe Flash Platform

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Flash Player

Abobe is currently accelerating the final release of the first Flash Player of the Open Screen Project. Do I miss the Release Candidate 3? On 19th april, Adobe announced the RC2, on the 5th May the RC4 and on 25th May the prerelease version. By the way don’t hesitate to download it to test it. I remember you the official Flash Player 10.1 features and enhancements that Adobe visions to add to the AS virtual machin :

Support for New Platforms
¬ Desktop operating systems : Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”)
¬ Mobile operating systems : Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 7, Palm webOS, and Symbian S60 V5

Notice that with the highly agressiv competition with Apple, Google Android technology pushes Adobe to find in Google a strong partner to work with. For example Christophe Coenraets has recently published a post concerning a Employee Directory beta application developed with AIR for the Android platform. And like this most most Adobe announcements are in this direction, especially the 2 new annoucements on the 20th May 2o1o about Flash Player 10.1 for Android and Adobe AIR for Android.

Suggest and discuss new and exciting functionality for Adobe technologies.

Developer Productivity
¬ Global error handler
¬ Globalization support

Designed for Mobility
¬ Performance improvements : such as rendering, scripting, memory, start-up time, battery and CPU optimizations, in addition to hardware acceleration of graphics and video.
¬ Mobile text input
¬ Multi-touch and gestures
¬ Accelerometer input
¬ Optimized SWF management for mobile (Mobile only)
¬ Sleep mode (Mobile only)
¬ Graphics hardware acceleration (Mobile only)
¬ H.264 video hardware decoding

Enhanced Browser Integration
¬ Browser privacy mode (Desktop only)
¬ Out-of-memory management

Expanded Options for High Quality Media Delivery

Visit ADOBE Stratus project web site !

¬ Content protection (Desktop only; output protection Windows only; requires Adobe Flash Access 2.0 SDK expected to be available the first half of 2010)
¬ Peer-assisted networking (requires Stratus)
¬ HTTP streaming
¬ Stream reconnect
¬ Smart seek (Requires FMS 3.5.3 server) : Seek within the buffer and introduces a new “back” buffer so you can easily rewind or fast forward video without going back to the server, reducing the start time after a seek.
¬ Buffered stream catch-up
¬ Fast Switch (formerly Dynamic Streaming enhancements) (Requires FMS 4 server) : Improve switching times between bitrates, reducing the time to receive the best viewing experience for available bandwidth and processing speed.
¬ Microphone Access (Desktop only)
¬ Dynamic frame rate (Desktop only)

Note that Adobe released on the 25th May either, the ‘ Gala ‘ version of the Flash player, which introduces support for H.264 video hardware decoding on Mac OS X 10.6.3, the most recent release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Adobe BlazeDS & LCDS

Adobe BlazeDS 4

Visit ADOBE BlazeDS open source project !

BlazeDS is the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe® Flex® and Adobe AIR™ applications. The last version of BlazeDS (version 4) was included with the Flex SDK and Flash Builder announcement.

¬ BlazeDS Documentation
¬ Getting started with BlazeDS, on 25th february 2oo8, by Christophe Coenraets.
¬ BlazeDS 4 Java API Reference
¬ ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform with BlazeDS 4

If you are a javascript fan or if you use Flex clients and Ajax clients that share data in the same messaging application, you may have a look on the The Ajax client library , which is a set of JavaScript APIs that lets Ajax developers access the messaging capabilities of BlazeDS directly from JavaScript.

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Adobe LiveCycle DS 3.1

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Adobe LiveCycle DS is one component of the Adobe Live Cycle Enterprise Suite (see below) dedicated to the Java remoting and web messaging technology. Adobe LiveCycle DS is equivalent to BlazeDS with more features and capabilities.

You can read more about LCDS 3.1 at:
¬ What’s new
¬ Dan Cooper’s blog
¬ Adobe reference – Using Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 [PDF]
¬ ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform with LCDS 3.1
¬ Sortie de BlazeDS 4 et LiveCycle Data Services 3.1, by F. Nicollet, on 26th april 2o1o.

InsideRIA’s articles :
¬ Getting Real with LCDS 3, Part 1, by Justin Shacklette, on 1st december 2oo9
¬ Getting Real with LCDS 3, Part 2, by Justin Shacklette, on 8th december 2oo9

You can read more about Model Driven Development :
¬ Getting started
¬ Videos about Fiber/Model Driven Development.

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Adobe Live Cycle Enterprise Suite

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Adobe Live Cycle ES is a set of modules which covers the following domains :

RIA services LiveCycle Mosaic ES2
LiveCycle Data Services
LiveCycle Collaboration Service
Business process management LiveCycle Process Management ES2
LiveCycle Business Activity Monitoring
LiveCycle Content Services
Document services Communications management LiveCycle Output
LiveCycle Production Print
LiveCycle PDF Generator
LiveCycle PDF Generator 3D
Forms automation LiveCycle Forms
LiveCycle Reader® Extensions
Document security LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2
LiveCycle Rights Management ES2

Furthermore Adobe suplies tools for developer like the Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES software which is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers, designers, and business analysts to work together collaboratively. Another tool is Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 software, with which developers can create form and document template.

Visit ADOBE LiveCycle Workbench ES web site !

LiveCycle Workbench ES Component Development Tool

On 5th May 2o1o, Adobe announced a new tool named LiveCycle Workbench ES Component Development Tool which allows developers to build a custom Java Component ready to be deployed on LiveCycle ES Server using Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES. Specifically, the Component Development Tool provides a new type of Project in Eclipse that automatically generates the “component.xml”, the Service Classes and an Ant build that emits a JAR file ready to deploy on the server. The Component Development Tool provides a Wizard to graphically create a new LiveCycle Component from scratch, or from existing Java code. It also lets developer toggle between the XML view of the component descriptor and a graphical view of all its services and operations.
I recommend you to read the Configuring Eclipse for the Component Development Tool article to understand which configuration in Eclipse you have to do before taking advantage of the Adobe’s tool.

Sparx System Enterprise Architect

Visit Sparx System Enterprise Architect product page !

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a UML 2.1 based modeling tool for :

¬ designing and constructing software systems,
¬ business process modeling,
¬ generalized modeling purposes such as visualizing existing systems and processes.

This tool is very impressive by its complexity and its possibilities. Just read through the 2o6o pages of the Enterprise Architect User Guide, and you will understand the possibilities you have to conceptualize, formalize and share your software system diagrams.

Rich documentation

Furthermore Sparx System published an impressive range of documentation. On the Resources section of the web site, you may find very rich documentation with Help, Tutorials & White papers, Resources.
Sparx System offer also an Image Library to improve the quality of the diagram content. All images used in the Image Library have been designed and created exclusively for Sparx Systems by Newman Creative.
At least, even if you’re not interested by this software, you may fing useful to read the tutorials about some modelisation paradigms like UML 2.1 Tutorials or MDA Tools.

I will try to develop the presentation of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect software in a future post. Stay tuned !

And more !

2o11 is a very ambitious year for Autodesk, in my previous post I introduced you the new Digital Entertainment Creation Suites. Let’s go to discover complementary tools to this Suites :

Autodesk® Softimage® software

Visit AUTODESK Softimage product web site !

Autodesk Softimage is a 3D application for film production equivalent to Autodesk 3DS Max or Autodesk Maya.-
I recommend you to go further by exploring :

¬ Autodesk Softimage Learning Paths
¬ Softimage User’s Guide and SDK Guide
¬ Softimage Wiki
¬ AREA Community
¬ Introducing Softimage 2011

Autodesk® Flare™, Autodesk® Inferno® & Autodesk® Flame®

Autodesk Flare software is a complementary tool to Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Inferno visual effects software. Flare provides artists with an interactive 3D compositing environment and tools for video, 2K digital cinema, and 4K feature film post-production.
Autodesk® Flame® system is tool for online visual effects and compositing, accelerating creative workflows.

Autodesk® Lustre®

The Autodesk Lustre is a color-grading and color management software.

Autodesk® Smoke®

The Autodesk Smoke system, an all-in-one solution for online editing and finishing.

Autodesk® Stitcher™ Unlimited

Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited photo stitching software offers users tools for creating high-quality panoramas.

Flare Inferno Flame

Visit AUTODESK Flare product web site !

Visit AUTODESK Inferno product web site !

Visite AUTODESK Flame product web site !

Visit AUTODESK Lustre product web site !

Visit AUTODESK Smoke product web site !

Viit AUTODESK Stitcher Unlimited product web site !

Lustre Smoke Stitcher Unlimited

If you want more links concerning these Autodesk software I recommend you to regularly read the pages on this blog concerning the technology of you choice ! Have fun !