[Child books] Ghislaine HERBERA : Monsieur Cent Têtes

As father of 2 daugthers, I regularly look at books for children. In terms of education I’m convinced that reading and counting is the key skills a child must have. Everything results from these both skills : abstraction, sensibility, aestethics, reasoning, knowledge, curiosity, etc. Since I’ve begun to have a look on children books, I’m really excited by what I see. In France, I think we have the chance to have a very large panel of styles and creative books thanks to a very huge number of editors and artists (illustrators, writers, etc.). To exemplify this creativity, I would like to share with you one of the most important event in this domain in France. Each year I wait for the annual event in Montreuil (Paris’s suburbs) dedicated to child books – Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse 2o1o.

Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse 2o1o

This year one of the most representative price is given to Ghislaine HERBERA for her book ‘ Monsieur Cent Têtes ‘. This book is the story of a man who is waiting for his girlfriend and he wants to seduce her by choosing the more accurate face. Through the choice of a new face, it’s a trip around the world thanks to masks from various cultures and countries. I deeply like masks (I interested myself especially to african masks for a while now) and I like the idea to change its own face through masks (what we generally do due to mood change!).

Ghislaine HERBERA - Monsieur Cent Têtes Ghislaine HERBERA & Guia RISARI - Le chat âme

It’s funny how actuality meets my intentions (or how to consolidate my own choices by myself 😉 ) !. Indeed I bought some books published by this editor. A special one is another illustrated book by Ghislaine HERBERA, ‘ Le chat âme ‘ inspired by a Guia Risari‘s text. Strolling in the bookstore closed to my work, I realized how the Memo Editions editor is taking gradually more and more place in the children books departement. So I visit its web site. And I realized that I had already bought a very intelligent and funny book about mathematics illustrated by Clémence GANDILLOT, ‘ De l’origine des mathématiques ‘…

Clémence GANDILLOT - De l'origine des mathématiques

Other books I’m fascinated by are reedited books. One about ‘ Cirkus ‘ and another one about the russian tale ‘ Baba Yaga ‘. As you know I have some special considerations for circus as source of influence. Moreover thanks to my daughters I (re-)discover several tales I forgot, I thought I knew them or even I didn’t know that was a tale. Baba Yaga is one I discovered. And I think russian literature is rich of that too…

Elisabeth IVANOVSKY - Cirkus Nathalie PARAIN & Nadiejda TEFFI - Baba Yaga

So I really recommend you to perambule through the Editions MeMo’s web site. This ballade in a poetic world worth while. But the best is to have the book in its own hands. In a world where books are intended to be numeric, the materials used for these books reveal the concern of the editor to preserve one of the essential element of the pleasure of reading : the haptic feeling of touching a thick paper !

Visit the Editions MeMo's web site !

Have fun with reading !

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