Adobe Flash Platform, Gostai Urbi Studio and more !

Adobe Flash platform

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Sorry for this long silence. For personal and professional reasons I was forced to abandon my blog for a quite long period. But things have changed and once again I’m more available to write posts. And there are so many subjects to address. Topicality is so intensely rich and captivating !

To catch up the time I lost over actuality, I will summarize all main projects Adobe launched during the last monthes and as possible I will detail some of them during next posts. And the projects are :

¬ Flex SDK [codename ‘Hero‘]
¬ Flash Builder [codename ‘Burrito‘]
¬ Flash Catalyst [codename ‘Panini‘]
¬ Flash Player : version 10.2, ‘Square
¬ Project ROME
¬ Flash Media Gateway
¬ Adobe Connect 8
¬ Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Around the Adobe MAX 2o1o actuality, I will recommend to explore those following projects :

¬ Wacom Bamboo Dock project
¬ [EUP] ElectroBank Universe Platform

By the way Adobe keeps on releasing new version of current related projects like the Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Extension for AIR, the Adobe AIR Launchpad, Adobe Lens Profile Creator and Adobe LiveCycle tools (Workbench ES2 Archive Migration Tool).
Important events are also the decision taken by Adobe to support the MAC OS for Adobe Audition. Despite of the controversy between Adobe and Apple, this decision means mainly that Apple is coming back in the professional environment especially throught its machins. A very good news.
The second event is the new version of the Adobe Flash Media Server family products.
Nevertheless I would like to begin the new Adobe projects description with OSMF and the online application OSMF App Studio. Video is a real issue for the coming years for TV (on the web or not). It’s not innocent if Microsoft has developed video features quickly on Silverlight, that Google has created WebM a new open source video format to compete the H.264 proprietary one, the Kudelski Group is offering the OpenTV services, …

[OSMF] Open Source Media Framework v. 1.6 Sprint 1

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I have already mentioned the existence of the Open Source Media Framework [OSMF] in this blog. OSMF is an open software framework for building video players and applications based on the Adobe® Flash® Platform. The last version (1.6 Sprite 1) have been now available. As announced by Adobe, the main objective of this framework is to simplify the development of media players focused on web-based video monetization by integrating plug-ins supplied by partner in the following business fields:
¬ Advertising
¬ Analytics and Quality of Service (QoS)
¬ Content Delivery
¬ Platforms

Go further by reading :
¬ OSMF Blog
¬ Developer Resources
¬ OSMF Specifications
¬ Online API Documentation
¬ Online Developer’s Guide
¬ [PDF] Plug-in Developer’s Guide
¬ Building streaming video layers in Flash with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework, by Adobe.

Visit OSMF official web site !

Among the main features of the framework, we may quote :

1. OSMF Omniture® plug-in integration

Visit ADOBE Online Marketing Suite by Omniture web site !

2. Content protection with Adobe Flash Access 2
According to the official documentation supplied by Adobe of the Flash Access product page, Adobe Flash Access is a robust content protection and monetization solution that lets content owners, distributors, and advertisers realize new sources of revenue by providing seamless access to premium content. Flash Access supports a wide range of business models, including video on demand, rental and electronic sell-through. Enterprises can also use Flash Access to protect the integrity and privacy of their training or announcements delivered via video.

Adobe Flash Access :: Content Protection Workflow Diagram

Content protection workflow diagram
Source : Adobe

3. OSMF integration in the coming Flex SDK (version 4.5 code named ‘ Hero ‘)
To understand how the OSMF will be integrated in the Flex 4.5 SDK, I deeply recommend to read the Hero OSMF 1.0 Integration – Functional and Design Specification article.
You may also read Flexible delivery of on-demand and live video streaming.
For a better understanding of this documentation, I remember you that a Flash Media Manifest File is is a file format that contains information about a Flash media asset. This information includes the location of the media, DRM authentication information, media bootstrap information, multi-bitrate information (MBR), etc.
Read more about the Flash Media Manifest File Format Specification.

To go further, you may download :
¬ File Packager for HTTP Dynamic Streaming
¬ HTTP Origin module for HTTP Dynamic Streaming
¬ Open Source Media Framework sample player

[SMP] Strobe Media Playback v.1.6 & Flash Media Playback

ADOBE Flash Media Playback product's web page !

Strobe Media Playback is an Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) based media player that can be integrated into a website. Strobe Media Playback comes with the predefined user interface and supports all the same video features as OSMF.
Flash Media Playback is a free, standard media player for the Adobe Flash Platform.

Go further by :
¬ Reading Open Source Media Framework: Introduction and overview, by Greg Hamer, on 15th March 2o1o.
¬ Reading Building streaming video players in Flash with Open Source Media Framework, by R Blank, on 21st December 2oo9.
¬ Reading Using Flash® Media Playback and Strobe Media Playback
¬ Watching the ADO Strobe Media Playback Recording
¬ Reading Strobe Media Playback Presentation
¬ Downloading Adobe Strobe Media Playback
¬ Reading Open Source Media Framework Developer’s Guide [PDF]
¬ Reading Open Source Media Framework – Plug-in Developer’s Guide
¬ Discoring the Open Source Media Framework API

OSMF App Studio

Discover OSMF App Studio online application !

The OSMF App Studio aims at simplifying the implementation of custom video players thanks to an online application.

Gostai Urbi

Since GOSTAI has decided to publish the Urbi SDK in an open source way, the firm seems to be over-productive ! I will try to sensibilize you in this post on the Gostai’s creative and amazing dynamics. At the current time I write this post the version is now 2.6. Moreover GOSTAI allows now downloading complementary tools to take advantage of the SDK. But before to attract your attention on the Gostai Studio, I would like to remember you main concepts concerning the Gostai Urbi architecture. Here the official architecture schema – I personnaly find enough clear by itself – which introduces you how to integrate your urbi project to your environment :

Understand Gostai Urbi architecture and download Urbi SDK

Urbi has a distributed component architecture in C++. It’s called UObject. Urbi uses urbiscript, which is a new parallel and event-driven script language. Urbiscript is used to instantiate and configure the C++ components, and to organize their interactions.

More reading :
¬ Urbi SDK 2.x Documentation
¬ [FR] Programmez en Urbi

GOSTAI Urbi technologies architecture

Source :: Gostai’s web site.

Gostai Studio and Visual Programming

Gostai provides with Urbi a suite of graphical programming software called Gostai Studio Suite that you may download from the web site.

Download Gostai Studio !

As defined in the official documentation, the ‘ Gostai Studio is a behavior graph editor. A behavior graph is a finite state machine which allows programmers to abstract the different states of the global behavior of a robot or a complex system. Gostai Studio generates the urbiscript code that constitutes the harness of the graph execution ‘. For people expiremented with UML, the conceptualization of finite-state machin diagram may be representade thanks to the UML state machin diagrams.
Here below is a sample of what is a visual program in Gostai Studio. Another example of user interface design based on circle ! Very interesting and very smooth :

Gostai Studio : Graph example

ROS, Kinect, AR.Parrot, Arduino and more and more integrations


Visit ROS web site !

GOSTAI always announced the urbi script as an universal language to connect the largest spectrum of devices.
With the version 2.5 of the Urbi SDK, you are able to integrate ROS system. ROS is an open-source, meta-operating system for robots. It provides services expected from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management.
More reading :
¬ ROS Tutorial on ROS web site.
¬ ROS Integration on Urbi, by Gostai.

Parrot AR.Drone

Visit PARROT AR.Drone web site !

In 2010, Parrot launched a flying wifi Quadricopter with Augmented Reality video games, the Parrot AR.Drone. This is a very fantastic project I really recommend you to discover if not yet done ! By the way Jean-Charles Mammana (aka psykokwak) implemented Urbi in the AR.Drone from Parrot. This illustrates the power of the language and the easiness of a new implementation. Moreover it demontrates a good example of technology adoption by the open source community.
More reading :
¬ Parrot AR.Drone developer zone
¬ Games with AR.Drone
¬ AR.Drone Open API Platform

Microsoft Kinect

Visit MICROSOFT Kinect web page !

With the version 2.6 of the Urbi SDK, Microsoft Kinect is the latest connected technology. This UObject U kinect makes possible to control the Microsoft Kinect interface in urbiscript. This project is a part of the OpenKinect project which aims at making many programming tools compatible with the Kinect without having to use an Xbox360.

More reading :
¬ Fakenect : a libfreenect simulator/mock interface to run the Kinect demos without having a Kinect.
¬ OpenNI Framework : The OpenNI Framework provides the interface for physical devices and for middleware components. The API enables modules to be registered in the OpenNI framework and used to produce sensory data. Read the User Guide.
¬ Modmykinect Blog

Arduino and other modules extensions

Visit Arduino web site !

Moreover I advise you to parse also the list of additionnal libraries (modules) available on the Gostai web site. One of this module allows you to bind Urbi with an Arduino board. It’s not fundamental but Arduino is a very interesting and powerful electronic board to program that I like very much. If you have any particular needs concerning modules, you may query or vote for existing suggestions here.
More reading
¬ UrbiDuino project : URBI implementation for Arduino
¬ gostai-arduino-xbee : aims at controlling Arduino-based robot platform by wireless channel.

A new web service : Jazz Connect, Jazz Icon

Visit GOSTAI Jazz Connect online services !

But the real power of this technology is the new GOSTAI services suite brand named Jazz :
¬ Jazz Connect : Behind Jazz Connect the idea is simple : ” The robot stands in a remote location and will serve as your personal avatar. “
¬ Jazz Icon : Jazz Icon is a branding robot.
¬ Jazz Security . Jazz Security is is a telesurveillance robot.
For detailed explanations of these services, I suggest you to visit Gostai Jazz official web page !

And more !

Vertice & NOVA Studio

Visit Vertice web site !

Congratulations to the Vertice firm which is now a member of the Autodesk® Architecture Preferred Industry Partner Program and the only company outside the USA to have been selected in this program for Architecture.
Read the Autodesk/Vertice Preferred Partner brochure !
Vertice has also been selected by NVIDIA for their GPU Venture Program.
I will write a post soon about the NOVA technology. Stay tuned !