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From the Autodesk laboratory I downloaded the Autodesk Photo Scene Editor, software belonging to the Project Photofly. Project Photofly is a cloud-based service that converts 2D photographs to 3D computer models. More precisely Project Photofly is a technology preview that automatically converts photographs shot around an object or of a scene into “Photo Scenes“, which includes a photorealistic 3D model, utilizing cloud computing.

Project Photofly workflow

Thus Autodesk has developed a standalone application for Windows called the ” Photo Scene Editor “. This application lets user submit photographs to the Project Photofly web service and view the returned Photo Scenes. User can save his Photo Scenes and export the computed 3D points, cameras, and 3D geometry in various CAD formats.
I recommend you to read the 2.1 – Global workflow section of the Getting Started with the Photo Scene Editor 2.0

Read the 2.1 – Global workflow section of the Getting Started with the Photo Scene Editor 2.0 !

Photo Scene Editor

The best way to begin with the Photo Scene Editor is to download and install it and then to download the samples suggested by Autodesk.
Once installed you should obtain this first interface. From here, you may be able to :

¬ create a new photo scene
¬ open a existing photo scene
¬ watch video tutorials (Shooting guidelines, What’s new in PSE 2 ?, Tutorial)

Getting started with Autodesk Project Photofly !

Independence Hall side steps sample

To illustrate some Photo Scene Editor’s features, I’ve download one of the available samples : Independence Hall side steps. Here below are just 3 screenshots to quickly understand what you should expect from the editor interface like camera positions and the corresponding photography and so on.

Autodesk Photo Scene Editor - Sample

Autodesk Photo Scene Editor - Sample

Autodesk Project Photofly - Sample

Even if the technology seems to be still widly perfectible, it demonstrates the current trend in software design : cloud computing with REST services, high technlogical features and large scale of data. But it’s another debate!

Have fun with Autodesk Project Photofly and Autodesk Photo Scene Editor !

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