03. About 2D/3D technologies

In this section I would like to share with you all interesting information (events, software, companies and so on) about 2D and 3D technologies.
I’m not a 2D and 3D expert but I relies on my tremendous curiosity and interest for this subject to offer a relevant section.


¬ 3D formats and languages
¬ AEC :: Architecture, Engineering and Construction
¬ Animation
¬ CAD :: Computer-Aided Design
¬ DCC :: Digital Content Creation
¬ Digital environment generators
¬ Game
¬ Painting & Sculpting
¬ Rendering Engines
¬ GIS :: Geolocalisation Information System

From this part, consider that it’s a work in progress….
You may find information which you are interested in but I will modify the presentation later.

¬ Digital Graphics

¬ Adobe Acrobat 3D
¬ Adobe Photoshop
¬ Adobe Reader
¬ Apple QuickTime Player
¬ Microsoft HD View

¬ Freeware

¬ 3Dconnexion Picture Viewer
¬ Adobe Reader
¬ Alibre Design Xpress
¬ Apple QuickTime Player
¬ Autodesk Design Review
¬ Autodesk DWF Viewer
¬ CoCreate OneSpace Modeling Personal Edition
¬ Dassault Systemes 3D XML Player
¬ DAZ Studio
¬ Delcam PowerSHAPE-e
¬ ESRI ArcGIS Explorer
¬ Linden Lab Second Life
¬ Phoscode DevalVR plugin
¬ SolidWorks eDrawings Viewer

3D Navigation

¬ SpaceTime 3D
¬ Tactile 3D


¬ Gamebryo
¬ Id Engine
¬ Monolith
¬ Hero Engine
¬ Havok
¬ Ageia
¬ RAD Tools
¬ CRI Middleware
¬ Gamespy
¬ Quazal
¬ Big World
¬ Scaleform
¬ 3Dconnexion Picture Viewer
¬ Altium Designer
¬ HP RGS Workstation Edition
¬ Mathematica
¬ OSCulator
¬ OsiriX Viewer
¬ Schlumberger Petrel

  1. […] usual you will find more links about these softwares in the ‘Digital Environment Generators‘ section of this blog. You have certainly noticed that these last few days, I tried to […]

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