Microsoft Robotics Studio


Microsoft Robotics products and services enable academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to create robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware. Microsoft Robotics services and products includes :

¬ Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
¬ Microsoft Visual Programming Language
¬ Visual Simulation Environment
¬ CCR – Concurrency and Coordination Runtime Introduction

DSS – Decentralized Software Services Introduction

DSS – Decentralized Software Services provides a lightweight, service-oriented application model that integrates key aspects of Web-based architecture (commonly known as REST) with a system-level approach for building high-performance, scalable applications. DSS services are exposed as XML-documents which are accessible both programmatically and through a Web browser. By extending the Web model with structured data manipulation, integrated pub/sub, and formal service composition, DSS addresses the need for writing highly observable, loosely coupled applications running on a single node or across the network.

¬ DSSME – DSS Manifest Editor
Decentralized Software Services (DSS) Manifest Editor (DSSME), is designed to enable the programmer to create and edit DSS service manifests. Service manifests are XML files that contain a list of services and their configuration. The programmer uses these to start services using the DSS runtime, Manifest Loader Service.


¬ DSS Contract Information Tool
The Decentralized Software Services (DSS) Contract Information tool allows inspecting one or more service assemblies for information about which services it contains and the service definitions. This tool can also be used to generate a static Web site representing the DSS Service Description Directory of a set of services which can be published online for discovery and notification of new services published.

¬ DSS Deploy Tool
The DSS Deploy tool creates and unpacks archive files containing all Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS) components needed for deploying service implementations across nodes. The archives are self-extracting executable files that either can be unpacked using the DssDeploy utility or by executing them directly.

¬ DSS Host Tool
The Decentralized Software Services (DSS) Host tool starts a DSS Node on a particular HTTP and/or TCP port running zero, one, or more services indicated on the command line.

¬ DSS New Service Generation Tool
The Decentralized Software Services (DSS) New Service Generation tool creates a new service project which you can use as the starting point for writing a new service.

¬ DSS Project Migration Tool
The Decentralized Software Services (DSS) Project Migration tool allows migrating DSS service projects from pervious public releases and community technical previews (CTPs).

¬ DSS Proxy Generator Tool
The Decentralized Software Services (DSS) Proxy Generator tool Generates proxies and transforms. Normally used as part of the build process and is automatically invoked when compiling service assemblies generated using the DssNewService utility.

¬ DSS Log Analyzer Tool
¬ Samples and tutorials


¬ Blog :

¬ News :

¬ Blog
¬ Forum


¬ Download page
¬ Collada Update (Jan 2009) for Robotics Developer Studio 2008


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