Libraries, frameworks & projects

This page compiles all projects I may found about actionscript. I try to maintain the content of each project, with useful links to the projects, to related articles and others documentations. Don’t hesitate to improve this section by your suggestions. I decided to categorize projects as following :

¬ Animation frameworks
¬ Architectural frameworks
¬ Augmented reality
¬ Client /server exchange
¬ Code coverage & Unit tests
¬ Cryptography
¬ Database connection
¬ Development tools
¬ Deep linking
¬ eLearning frameworks
¬ Geolocalisation frameworks
¬ Graphical libraries
¬ Mathematical libraries
¬ Multimedia frameworks & libraries
¬ Phone libraries
¬ Social networking libraries
¬ Surface computing frameworks
¬ Unclassified libraries

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Technical readings

Matthew Casperson - Away3D 3.6 Essentials Dave Mathews  - Panda 3D 1.6 Game Engine [PACKT]



Georges Bernanos - Journal d'un curé de campagne

Comics & Photography & more…

Opus Délits - Jacques Villeglé

Discover Infra-Mince n°6 edited by Actes Sud ! Benoît Peeters & Jacques Samson - Chris Ware, la bande dessinée réinventée

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