[AS3] TweenLite, etc.


Greensock libraries are a set of several libraries used for tweening.

Tool for managing groups of TweenLite/TweenFilterLite/TweenMax tweens.

A Lightweight (3K) and FAST Tweening Engine

TweenFilterLite extends TweenLite class, adding the ability to tween filters (like blurs, glows, drop shadows, bevels, etc.) as well as advanced effects like contrast, colorization, brightness, saturation, hue, and threshold (combined size: 6k). The syntax is identical to the TweenLite class.

TweenMax introduces an innovative feature called “bezierThrough” that allows you to define points through which you want the bezier curve to travel (instead of normal control points that simply attract the curve). Or use regular bezier curves – whichever you prefer. It’ll even handle rotating your object so that it aligns with the direction of the bezier (orientToBezier)!

TransformManager makes easieradding of interactive scaling/rotating/moving of DisplayObjects to Flash applications.


¬ GreenSock CustomEase Builder


¬ GreenSock license



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