[AS3] Boostworthy AS


Boostworthy Animation System provides the following features :

¬ Specify the use of ‘enter frame’ or ‘timer’ as your render method on a per-animation basis.
¬ Easily complete many common animations using the animation manager with one line of code.
¬ Create complex sequences of tweens and actions using the virtual timeline.
¬ Easily animate any property of any filter.
¬ Advanced color support that includes brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.
¬ Common interface used for garbage collecting throughout the entire package.
¬ Create motion paths for display objects with the option to auto-orient to path.
¬ Advanced animation support using paths as value maps.
¬ Extremely extensible architecture.
¬ Clearly defined API.
¬ Full-blown documentation using ASDoc (same as Adobe livedocs).
¬ Eleven example files ranging from basic to advanced usage and theory.


Boostworthy AS3 Animation System v2.0 Introduction
Copyright © 2007 Ryan Taylor


¬ Download v. 2.1

¬ MIT License



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