Client / Server exchanges

with J2EE

J2EE Server

¬ LifeCycle DataServices (Adobe)
¬ BlazeDS (Adobe)
¬ Cinnamon
¬ Flamingo (Exadel)
¬ flosc
¬ Granite Data Services
¬ Merapi (for AIR only)
¬ OpenAMF
¬ Foundry(ServerBox)
¬ Spring BlazeDS integration (SpringSource)
¬ WebORB for Java (Midnight Coders)

OSGi platform

¬ AMF3 for OSGi
¬ Potomac
¬ Solstice

¬ 25.o3.o9 – Adobe Flex Messaging (or BlazeDS) Vs. OSGi, by Tommy McGuire

with ColdFusion

¬ Adobe ColdFusion 8 integration
¬ WebORB for ColdFusion

with .NET framework

¬ Fluorine
¬ WebORB for C#

with PHP

¬ Adobe PHP SDK
¬ amfphp
¬ SabreAMF
¬ WebORB for PHP
¬ ZendAMF

with Python and Perl

¬ amfast
¬ AMFPerl

with Ruby

¬ Adobe Ruby on Rails SDK
¬ WebORB for Ruby

COVER_MANNING_FlexibleRails Flexible Rails
Flex 3 on Rails 2
Peter Armstrong


¬ AS3 Hessian implementation

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