[AS3] Adobe BlazeDS

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BlazeDS is the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe® Flex® and Adobe AIR™ applications.


¬ BlazeDS Installation Guide
¬ Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2 3.1
¬ BlazeDS Developer Guide [PDF]
¬ Javadoc
¬ ActionScript Language Reference
¬ AMF0
¬ AMF3
¬ Java AMF Client

Spring integration
¬ Spring BlazeDS Integration Home
¬ Spring / BlazeDS Integration on Adobe TV

Flex Builder integration
¬ Guidelines and tutorials for using BlazeDS with Flex Builder 3

Christophe Coenraets articles
¬ o2.o4.o9 – An Introduction to Spring BlazeDS Integration
¬ 2o.o3.o9 – The Spring ActionScript Framework – Part 3: Injecting Services (and Mock Services)
¬ 12.o3.o9 – The “Spring ActionScript” Framework – Part 2: Autowiring
¬ 11.o3.o9 – Spring/BlazeDS Integration Test Drive: M2 Update Available
¬ o9.o3.o9 – The Spring ActionScript Framework – Part 1: The Basics
¬ 27.o1.o9 – New Spring/BlazeDS Integration Test Drive
¬ 27.o1.o8 – Getting started with BlazeDS



¬ http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/blazeds/


Java API Description

Packages Description
flex.graphics Graphics-related classes.
flex.management Management classes.
flex.management.jmx Management classes for JMX.
flex.management.runtime.messaging Management classes for runtime monitoring and management.
flex.management.runtime.messaging.client Management classes for runtime FlexClient monitoring and management.
flex.management.runtime.messaging.endpoints Management classes for runtime endpoint monitoring and management.
flex.management.runtime.messaging.log Management classes for runtime log monitoring and management.
flex.management.runtime.messaging.services Management classes for runtime service monitoring and management.
flex.management.runtime.messaging.services.messaging Management and monitoring classes for runtime service messaging classes.
flex.management.runtime.messaging.services.messaging.adapters Management classes for runtime adapter monitoring and management.
flex.messaging Messaging classes.
flex.messaging.client FlexClient-related classes.
flex.messaging.cluster Clustering-related classes.
flex.messaging.config Configuration classes.
flex.messaging.endpoints Message endpoint classes.
flex.messaging.endpoints.amf AMF endpoint classes.
flex.messaging.factories Factory classes.
flex.messaging.io Message serialization classes.
flex.messaging.io.amf AMF serialization classes.
flex.messaging.io.amf.client AMF serialization classes.
flex.messaging.io.amf.client.exceptions AMF serialization exception classes.
flex.messaging.io.amf.translator AMF serialization classes.
flex.messaging.io.amfx AMFX serialization classes.
flex.messaging.log Logging classes.
flex.messaging.messages Message classes.
flex.messaging.security Security classes.
flex.messaging.services Message service classes.
flex.messaging.services.messaging Service messaging classes.
flex.messaging.services.messaging.adapters Service adapter classes.
flex.messaging.services.messaging.selector Message selector classes.
flex.messaging.util Messaging utility classes.
flex.messaging.util.concurrent Executor interface clases.
flex.messaging.validators Deserialization validator clases.

Actionscript API Description

Packages Description
mx.data Contains classes for working with LiveCycle Data Services.
mx.data.crypto Contains encryption classes for LiveCycle Data Services.
mx.data.errors Contains the error classes used with LiveCycle Data Services.
mx.data.events Contains the event classes used with LiveCycle Data Services.
mx.data.messages Contains the messages used with LiveCycle Data Services.
mx.data.mxml Contains the classes for using the Data Management Service in MXML.
mx.data.offline.errors Contains the error classes for the offline feature of the Data Management Service.
mx.data.utils Contains the utility classes for working with the Data Management Service.
mx.messaging Contains the messaging classes used with Data Services.
mx.messaging.channels Contains the messaging channel classes used with Data Services.
mx.messaging.config Contains the messaging configuration classes used with Data Services.
mx.messaging.errors Contains the messaging error classes used with Data Services.
mx.messaging.events Contains the messaging event classes used with Data Services.
mx.messaging.management Contains the bean management classes used with Data Services.
mx.messaging.messages Contains the message classes used with Data Services.
mx.rpc.livecycle Contains the utility classes for Live Cycle Data Services.



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