Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting, developed and sold by Autodesk, Inc. […] Read the end of the wikipedia definition.

The DXF™ format is a tagged data representation of all the information contained in an AutoCAD® drawing file.

Derivated solutions

¬ Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture
¬ Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
¬ Autodesk AutoCAD Land Desktop

¬ Project Butterfly


AutoCAD 2o1o
¬ Tips & Tricks
¬ User documentation
¬ DXF Reference


The ObjectARX® programming environment provides object-oriented C++, C#, and VB .NET application programming interfaces for developers to use, customize, and extend AutoCAD® software and AutoCAD-based products, such as AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Mechanical, and AutoCAD® Land Desktop software.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP® technology is a tool for code creation in the AutoCAD® software application.

Visual Basic for Applications
The combination of the ActiveX® Automation object model in AutoCAD® and Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) presents a framework for customizing AutoCAD.

Open Design Alliance
TheOpen Design Alliance is a non-profit, membership-based consortium of software companies, developers and users committed to provide the ODA Technology Platform to its members, giving them the tools to create a wide range of technical graphics applications, including custom data access and editing utilities, visualization tools, and even full-scale CAD systems. The platform also supports the use of both DWG and DGN files, with import and export capabilities to other file formats.



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